Competency & Empowerment

With competency and empowerment being two of Ghosttown’s core tenets, we strive to not only educate our clients in their solution, but to also give them the confidence they need to manage the solution they receive.

It is a firm belief that a client that is better informed, will be happier and more fully satisfied. 

This is why a carefully crafted, and conscientious approach is taken when conducting knowledge transfer. It is our philosophy to be sure you are attracted both at the completion of your solution, but also in the months and years that follow.

Do you Already have an excellent idea

And want to know whether or not if it is possible to implement it?


Developing is not all that we do.

frequently asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question is not answered here
Yes, we always calculate the cost of the project for the client before we start working on it. Our specialists will clear up the amount of work to be done to meet with Your requests and the quotation. This total cost estimate won’t require additional investment from you.
Yes, our specialists can work on buildings restoration projects. We will approve the project with you and do everything to make you satisfied with the result. We’ll also use materials close to authentic for such projects.
Yes, we create unique projects. We have a team of engineers who will help make your house energy-efficient and comfortable for living according to all modern standards.
No, we do not work on ready-made projects, because we can’t guarantee the security of such a building. In order to implement a ready-made project, you should expect to approve it with us.

Some of our Clients

Emory University

Developed a ticketing helpdesk system for an infectious disease outreach lab.

UNC Medical

Same custom ticketing system used to service outreach clinic. Integrates SMS alerting and subscriptions.


Redeveloped a robust eCommerce site with new infrastructure plus migration.

Evolve Telemedicine

Overhauled an existing WordPress site to be HIPAA compliant, new infrastructure with High Availability. Brought performance score from a D to an A

Solis Supply

Migrated a website to a new eCommerce platform hosted securely.

The Cadillac House

Built a custom website for a tavern in Lexington, Michigan. Custom layouts and configurable metadata.

Essential CBD

Developed another eCommerce site with customizations to secure against brute force attacks.

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